Hello, and welcome to my “available works” page. All of the work here is available in my studio inventory. Click on a thumbnail image to open the 72 dpi full image and information, including medium, sizes, framing, and pricing. All listed prices are full retail prices. Please pull images from this page for presentations, or if you need an image in a specific size or format, please email me directly at lisakairos@gmail.com and I will make copies to spec and send them to you.

This page is organized into sections:

  • large encaustic paintings (30″ and larger)
  • small encaustic paintings (smaller than 30″)
  • paintings and drawings on paper
  • pigment prints on paper (photography)

I will update this page frequently as my inventory changes, so please keep me updated about prospective projects. Thank you!


Large Encaustic Paintings:

Small Encaustic Paintings:


Works on Paper:



Lisa Kairos :: Available Works | 2016 | Statement